What if instead of wearing the skulls of their dead parents, the Cubone line wore the skulls of the most formidable enemies they’ve killed in combat? It’d make for some pretty cool looking Marowaks, that’s for sure.

Awesome headcannon

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"Heya Trainers!!

I have noticed that Paella tends to be absent on Wednesday mornings and she usually comes back incredibly tired. Well, I have finally found the reason!! I wonder if this is some kind of labor work for Pokemon who have been in PokeJail? (Of course PokeJail exists, I am a Professor!)”.

[Link to PokeStory]
(Art by JAIME!)

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"In other news, trainers, I am happy to announce that as of a week ago, WE HAVE CLOSED APPLICATIONS FOR THE ZINE! Hooray for all of you participating! Its so exciting to see so many talented artists gathered to help me with my research! Again, a kind reminder that all submissions are DUE ON NOVEMBER FIRST!! And if you have any questions about your piece, you can always consult the Art Guidelines!!

Onwards, Trainers!! You all are incredible and get many kisses from Musa and Paella!! See you around!!!”

-Professor Coco

It’s just as the post says! We’ll be wrapping up Pokestory 2 soon so stay tuned for more great comics and updates! 


Is everyone playing Inktober this year? I’m posting my dailies on Instagram and Facebook, but I thought I’d post the first week of drawings here too.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!


J’ai reçu mes exemplaires de “la chèvre de Monsieur Seguin” !

La couv est trop flashi à mon goût… mais l’intérieur est super je suis très contente! Tout est fait en papier découpé bien sûr… Mais cette fois au lieu de dessiner au crayon à papier j’ai tout dessiné aux crayons de couleurs.


鹿 (Deer)Finished Work by 鹿菏
the previous one


鹿 (Deer)Finished Work by 鹿菏

the previous one



Kanji Tatsumi is a national treasure and should be protected at all costs.


progress ( Thinkspace Gallery )


progress ( Thinkspace Gallery )

don’t look

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Some inktober stuff. I didn’t actually do one a day, I did three of them this afternoon, OOPS